29 Jan 20

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Nick Miles

Hey! My name’s Nick and I started life at Complete Digital right at the very start of 2020 as a digital marketing exec. I’m passionate about all things digital and probably couldn’t live a day without technology of some sort (does that make me sad?).

When I’m not at work, I do actually go outside! As cliche as it sounds, I love to travel and have had Vietnam on my bucket list for a while – If you’ve ever been, I’m looking for suggestions! Also, I try to be as active as possible, from kayaking, running and hiking to just exploring new places around me. Though I’ve been a bit lax throughout these VERY cold months.

Nick I’ve never been great at smiling

So, is life as a digital marketing exec as exciting as it sounds?

Actually, yes it is! Everyday is different, sure there are elements that are the same but what your workday looks like massively depends on who it is you’re working for, if they’re B2B or B2C, the services you provide and who they’re providing to.

You’re always faced with different challenges, different tasks and different clients (if you’re working with an agency).

With digital marketing being such a vast field, I promise you will be learning- or at least doing- something new everyday!

Describe an average day at Complete Digital

An average day at complete? Hot cross buns, questionable music from our office DJ, Ben (Our lead front end developer) and dodging the smell of Henry’s tuna pasta. It’s great!

We’re based in one of London’s best streets, Bermondsey street. Just a 5 minute walk from London bridge, it’s a fantastic location and an ideal commute (for me at least being just 10~ minutes on the train from home!).

The Shard, London

Every morning we like to start the day with a 15 minute scrum. This enables everyone to talk about what they are working on and gives us an opportunity to ask for input or help where needed. It’s a perfect way to help us keep our projects on track and to understand what everybody is doing that day.

And what is it you actually do as a digital marketer at CD?

I would say my main focus is on SEO – search engine optimisation.

A lot of keyword research, a lot of content enriching, looking for back-link opportunities and finding ways to help our SEO clients such as TRC Windows (sash window restoration specialists) drive leads and increase sales.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

It would have to be seeing what we do as a team make a real difference to the clients we work with. I’ve always been fascinated with stats and figures and to see them actually working is brilliant. Also, the variety of projects and clients that we are involved, from Rami Cassis to Hitachi Capital, is great! I believe that variety in what you do is what keeps us sane!

If you didn’t land on your feet as a Digital Marketer, What would you want to be doing?

This is going to completely contradict what I said in my introduction. But I reckon that I would ace Gogglebox. Sitting there, nice and cozy, with a few Jam roly polys or maybe even a couple slices of Colin (the caterpillar cake) catching up on the latest dregs of prime time television.

And to get paid for it??? Sign me up.

Colin and I ❤️ Colin and I ❤️

How do you get ready for the day?

I think it’s important to be organised and prepared for the day but I think anybody that knows would agree that I probably don’t fit into those categories outside of work. This is where I surprise them!

Before I hibernate for the night, I’ll set a reminder along with an alarm for 7am. On it will have a list of things I need to remember; these usually consist of things I need to take to and from work – earphones for example (the commute on a rush hour trains really isn’t fun without them), anything that I may need to catch up on, a lunch to avoid the miserable £3 meal deal and to plug my phone in for the day ahead! Did you know that you reduce your phone’s life/battery span by charging it overnight?

After ticking off my list, I’ll muster up a variety of different cereals to create the perfect ‘breakfast cocktail’. Usually consisting of those chocolate pillows and honey nut cornflakes.

I’ll leave my house at 8:15ish and join the rat race into central London!

Get up to much after work? How would you ‘unwind’?

There’s nothing like channelling my inner Happy Gilmore and pelting a few golf balls at my local driving range. I’ll head down there on the odd occasion to see if I can manage to actually hit a ball straight, I’ve almost had it boomerang back to me once; Mum always said I was special!

Nick playing golf

Finally, what advice would you give somebody thinking about pursuing a digital marketing career?

I’d say that you ought to be wary that digital marketing isn’t always just posting things on Facebook, Instagram etc. It’s a massive data game. Data and research first, and the creative side second!

You can refer to my other blog on how to get started as a digital marketer here.

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