Over the last 5 years we have grown, reshaped and honed in our core offering. With renewed energy and a more creative-powered offering, we wanted our brand to reflect that. We’re now not only a digital marketing agency, but we’re a creative agency. We are offering brand-led marketing and beautifully designed bespoke websites. 

Last year, we decided our old brand didn’t properly represent us. A rebrand and a new website takes time; especially if you’re doing it for your own agency. We went through loads of research, iterations, tweaks and redesigns before landing on our new image. As a digital agency, we pride ourselves on helping a brand get to the point through clear messaging. We felt we needed something succinct and to the point. We wanted our brand to be message focussed which meant larger typography, smaller passages of text and a logo that mirrored that simplicity.

We’ve also flexed our creative muscles on this website too, giving greater attention to our creative output than ever before. We want to show that as well as continually delivering superb marketing for clients, we are also producing beautiful websites, campaigns, animations and video content.

With the new brand and new website, we’ve managed to feel more like us. Now, we are Complete.